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Miffs Capital Management FX Ltd is a UK based Financial Services Company that has diversification in  its portfolios. We have expertise, in Real Estate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Financial Markets, Financial Compliance, Corporate Immigration, Corporate Disputes, Banking, Foreign Exchange, Gold Bullion & Corporate Finance.


Miffs Capital Management (MCM) FX

MCM was established by a team of foreign exchange (FX) Traders from different professional backgrounds. We have been involved in the world of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, with a combined timeline & knowledge of 25 years. The founders hail from backgrounds within Global retail financial brokerages, Legal, Accounting, Real Estate, IT, Banking, Securities & Investment, while also actively engaging in online financial trading for many years.

Our mission is to provide unique gateway within one umbrella to professional and retail clients or individuals wanting to grasp into the world of financial market dealings and trading. At MCM, we strive to provide outstanding first class services to all financial firms of all sizes and rigorous training programmes that are designed encompass compliance issues and culture.

You are just one step away from the key to a bright and advanced future!

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MCM FX Trading School

MCM FX Trading School is an educational organisation devoted to providing people with the tools and techniques to improve their probability in the world of currency trading. We equip all our students with the trading knowledge needed to ensure they benefit from one of the world’s most liquid skill.

MCM FX Brokerage

MCM FX uses Gwazy – a new revolutionary trading methodology that has been created to provide traders with all the benefits of margin trading but without the complications incorporating various trading principles into one super-fast and robust trading method.

MCM FX Capital

MCM FX Capital specialises in acquisition of Land with Planning Permission in London and the South East providing investment opportunities for individuals seeking joint venture and development funding with modest returns of up to 8% per annum.

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