Property Investment

About MCM Capital

We specialise in acquisition of Land with Planning Permission in London and the South East. We have facilities for investment loan with MCM Capital , through Joint-Venture & amp; development funding.

Private clients can invest alongside MCM Capital from as little as £10,000*. Your funds are secured by loan notes in the SPV that is set up solely for the property you make a loan to.

Returns on Investment (ROI)

Experienced investors are invited to fund joint venture through development loans returns are interest plus profit share determined upon loan agreement and is generally paid upon completion of the development.

Investment Security

Full loan grants the creditor/Investor first charge on the Property
Partial funds are secured by mean of the second charge on the Property and loan notes.

How does it work if I invest in a property?

When you decide to make a peer-to- peer loan through MCM FX your funds are secured against the UK property you choose to invest in for high-level capital preservation, and you’ll have a personal account manager as your point of contact throughout the entire investment period.

You can choose to invest alongside MCM FX or our Property Development Partners*, exclusively in UK property investments, to benefit from regular returns paid directly into your bank account.

Each development or fully managed property investment is securely held in a UK limited company (or “SPV”) with a registered charge at Companies House ensuring protection is in place, so our private lenders can enjoy ongoing interest income and peace of mind that their capital is held in UK bricks and mortar.

We work with an experienced Real Estate, Project Management Company and reputable Building Contractors to oversee and complete the project. Local Estate Agents, Quantity Surveyors and the Local Authority have engaged priories to offer a professional incite on a Project before to any commencement of work.

MCM Capital endeavours to hold an annual meeting for all participants and stage reports are sent out quarterly to all Creditors/Investors.

When you commit funds to a managed property investment, you will be part of a community of experienced investors with the shared objective of receiving strong investment returns paid directly into your bank account, where returns start building from the day you invest your funds.

Each property investment is held in a newly established UK limited company (SPV), set up specifically for that property, and investors become secure bond-holders in the SPV (a loan note is a corporate bond) for enhanced security of your money.

When the investment period has expired and an exit is achieved through the sale or refinancing of the property, your money is returned to you or there may be the opportunity to extend the investment period if you wish. The specifics of each project and the returns you can receive are made available to qualified investors upon registration.

Property Investment Disclaimer:

*The opportunity to invest alongside MCM FX Capital and its Property Development Partners is reserved for clients who are Sophisticated Investors (have made at least 2 investments in shares, property, or similar in the recent 12 months) or are High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and can confirm this to our compliance department. The minimum contribution to an investment that we accept is £10,000 and this is remitted to the appointed solicitors only once a property development is ready to be funded. MCM FX Capital are not financial advisers and are not authorised to give tax or investment advice to the public. We are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and investment in peer-to- peer funding is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Investment in property can carry an element of risk, including loss of the capital you invest. If you do not fully understand the investment opportunity being presented to you, please seek advice from a financial adviser or similar, and if you are still in any doubt then we recommend you do not engage in these investments.