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MCM FX is the trading name of Miffs Consultant Management Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Miffs Holdings. The denotation FX, does not imply that we are engaged in regulated and/ finance trading activities. We are a UK based Management, Business & Legal Consultancy, Professional  Intermediary Company that has diversification in its portfolios. We have expertise, across Industries in consulting; Legal, Finance, Business, Real Estate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Compliance, Corporate Disputes, Corporate Banking, Foreign Exchange, Commodities mainly Gold.

MCM was established by a team of Independent Consultants from different professional backgrounds; Law, Finance, Accounting, Management, IT, Prime Real Estate, and Professional Introducers, with a combined timeline and knowledge of 25 years working within “The City”.

Our mission is to provide unique gateway within one umbrella to professionals and individuals, seeking on hands expertise from different disciplines. At MCM, we strive to provide outstanding first class services to all our Clients of all sizes, with emphasis on professional integrity and Environmental and Social Governance, with aspects of sustainability, that are designed to encompass compliance issues and culture.

Vision 2025, will see MCM Group, establishing “Miffs Capital Management,” with a view to explore the world of Financial Markets with correct regulation and authorisation in place.

  • 2011

    Independent Legal Consulting Services

  • 2015

    Trading School, Legal & Business Consultant & Introducer

  • 2016

    Business, Legal Consultant & Intermediary

  • 2017

    Management, Business & Legal Consulting, Professional Intermediaries

  • 2019

    Our Progress & Partnerships

    By 2019, we had extended our business partnerships and expertise across the board, with emphases in Asia, South East Asia and Southern Africa.

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