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Corporate Legal Services

We provide a wide and varied range of legal services to our clients throughout United Kingdom and beyond. With 9 years of successful legal consultancy behind us, we have the expertise to help you. We work in partnership with “Abbotts Close Chambers of Royln Jean – Paul Seeboruth”, with 30yrs + legal experience. Offices in Buckinghamshire, London (UK), Singapore and Mauritius. Get in touch today for hands on expertise.

We offer businesses of all sizes and types, strategy and solutions. Through this we can help companies address all sorts of compliance issues, from assessing how robust their systems and processes are, to making recommendations for improvements, training staff and communicating a culture of compliance within organisations or helping to resolve issues and problems which may arise.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate legal professionals with the relevant experience to match.

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Finance Services & Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance & Investigations

  • Money laundering in the UK is treated extremely seriously. The consequences of failing to report suspected money laundering activity can be severe for individuals and businesses alike. We are able to make introductions to fully regulated partners, for those who need advice or representation in connection with any aspect of UK money laundering law contact us now.

UK Money Laundering Regulations

  • Even the most experienced, prudent professional or businessperson can unwittingly become a conduit for money laundering. The provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 have extended these situations, and HMRC anti-money laundering requirements which, if not met, can result in penalties and prosecution. This is very important, as it can affect your liberty (if a criminal prosecution follows), your professional/business reputation, and your financial situation.
  • Our team of experts can help review your existing anti-money laundering systems, or assist your company set up systems which can ensure that you avoid non-compliance penalties and prosecution.

Regulatory, Compliance & Professional Disciplinary Matters

Regulatory FCA Requirements

  • We assist with all regulatory requirements from FCA authorisation to enforcement and from consulting to application preparations.
  • We work with partners that provide, Appointed Representative (AR) status, check the checker services and, if necessary, help to rectify and remedy systemic compliance issues identified from historic business practices.

Business Disputes Resolutions

  • Resolving disputes outside courts. This mitigates the escalation of a dispute and encourages the parties to move to an early satisfactory resolution.
    The objective is to avoid expensive, complicated litigation.

Mergers & Acquistions

We expertise in sourcing Businesses on sale across a variety of industries. There are many reasons why you may wish to sell or buy a business. You may be approaching retirement, moving on or have received an offer you cannot refuse or a need to partner.

We provide the following consulting services as “your M&A introducer and portal on demand”.

Backup Consulting

  • For the M&A project that is under negotiations and the negotiations between an interested party and you. We will evaluate and examine the process of negotiation and conditions to back you up and work alongside with your chosen industry experts to make your negotiations to your best interest.


  • In partnership with experts we assist in Company valuation, Business valuation, Share valuation, Mergers and consolidation ratios, Share exchange ratio to a specific target company or business.

Value-add Consulting

  • This is the strategic consulting services that we propose the corporate value improvement measures of client based on the feasibility consideration of specific M&A, restructuring of the business portfolio, capital policy, Strategy.

Shareholders Agreements & Disputes

Small, private or family owned companies often operate as “quasi-partnerships”, relying on the closeness of the shareholders’ relationships to solve any problems which may arise. However when problems do arise, they are liable to strain or even destroy such relationships.

We can help you to draw up a shareholders agreement which will anticipate and provide solutions to deal with ‘what if’ or worst case scenarios. This can save you significant time and money and might also highlight areas where your expectations are not as similar to those of your business partners as you imagined.

A shareholders’ agreement is a worthwhile investment for your business now, as well as valuable insurance for the future. It can also be important for protecting the rights of investors in the Company.

Corporate Governance

We have experienced compliance consultants who can provide expert assurance and undertake Board effectiveness and governance reviews in Leadership, Accountability, Remuneration and Relationships with stake holders. Our experts are on hands to establish corporate governance structures, identify responsibilities, delegation, and clear lines of reporting, build policies and procedures appropriate and relevant to your company.


Contract Drafting and Analysis

We are experienced in drafting financial services contracts. These are not just the mainstream printed out contracts found in public reference sources, but in-house forms we have developed and updated for specific assignments and specific trades.

  • The documents we have drafted include, service contracts, finance purchase & lease agreements, consulting agreements, management agreements, business partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, confidentiality agreements, commodity sale agreements, letters of intent, asset sale agreements, paymaster agreements and all manner of corporate documentation.

Contract Analysis

  • We use the appropriate basic form as a starting point, we listen carefully to a client’s specific concerns relating to the contract.  We also seek to integrate any recent legal developments into the agreement.  We believe our experience and depth of knowledge, both in terms of the corporate, legal and financial issues, give us an edge in contract drafting and negotiations on behalf of a client.  Our goal is to produce a comprehensive document which addresses all essential terms and which is tailored to the specific needs a client may have.
  • We also help clients understand and interpret contracts presented to them by other parties on a financial business venture.

Local and International Financing of projects

  • We have direct access to partners and have expertise in specialised financing and project development  designed to overcome the obstacles to generating private sector investment in infrastructure projects in developing countries.
  •  If you are interested in financing for an infrastructure project please contact us, we are here to help.

International Business Consultancy

  • Business Development; we act as your business’ physical presence in Asia, South East Asia and Southern Africa  and help to develop your customer base using our detailed knowledge, and extensive industry contacts within the regions
  • Business Consulting; we have a range of standalone consultancy services to support your organisation. Through our in depth knowledge of experts and analysts, bid review & support through to strategic guidance.
  • Appointed Representatives/ Intermediaries; we are available at your disposal to be appointed as intermediaries to lobby in any Financial Services or Real Estate transactions and business partnerships.

Sustainability Projects

  •  Sustainability projects, offer a positive future for the environment.
  • Sustainable development, through education provides experiences which help companies to build deep, rich and connected understanding of environmental and sustainability issues in a global and local context.

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