The MCM Group

Real Estate

Private clients can invest alongside our property development managers from £10,000. All funds are secured by loan notes in the SPV that is set up solely for the property you choose to invest in.

Corporate Partners

We specialise in bringing parties together, in Foreign Exchange, Business & Personal Banking, Gold Bullion, Real Estate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Trade Finance & White Label Brokerage.

Legal Services

We provide a wide and varied range of legal services working across Finance, General Investments, Brokerages, Banking & Management Consultancy in the United Kingdom.


Commitments (Integrity, Performance and Excellence)
  • Integrity: trust is at the foundation of our relationships with our customers and our suppliers
  • Performance and excellence: we value high quality performance and aim for excellence in all our transactions
Quality and value of services
  • We bring value through quality of our services and our competitively priced products

Based in the UK with a global presence.

We are a UK-based Financial Services company that has diversification in its portfolios. We have expertise, in Real Estate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Financial Markets, Financial Compliance, Management Consultancy, Corporate Disputes, Banking, Foreign Exchange, Gold Bullion & Trade Finance.

We are open to do business with Finance Companies beyond the realm of United Kingdom. We offer financial firms of all sizes and types, strategy, planning and solutions.

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